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I am the 2023-2025 Drinan Visiting Assistant Professor at Boston College Law School. I recently completed my J.D. and my Ph.D. in Political Science at Northwestern University.


My work focuses on questions of race, capitalism, and democracy in the American legal system—questions that I study through the lenses of political theory, legal and intellectual history, and political-economic scholarship. Broadly, I seek to understand how various bodies of law—especially constitutional law, property law, and local government law—both impede and constitute opportunities for socio-economic transcendence, especially for groups marginalized on the basis of race, class, and ability.


This research builds on my dissertation, The Spirit of Caste: Recasting the History of Civil Rights, which was recently awarded the Edward S. Corwin Award for Best Doctoral Dissertation in the Field of Public Law by the American Political Science Association. It is also informed by my previous professional experiences in Chicago, where I worked in civil rights and community justice and as a special education teacher in Chicago Public Schools.

My scholarship is either published or forthcoming in Cardozo Law Review, Mississippi Law Journal, William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal, and Political Theory.

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